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Booking Requirements



Thank you for taking a chance on me! If you find yourself here it's because somehow, I convinced you to organize a rendez-vous. You are in for a good time​!

Booking - New Clients 

Email : or text: 647 469 9512

Please copy/paste the following list and complete the informations:

  • Name

  • Age - You must be over 30 yrs old, no exceptions.

  • Real phone number  - No text app. 

  • Date/time of the appointment  - At least 2 choices of time  CLICK HERE for my updated schedule  
    No same day appointment for new clients

  • Lenght (min 60 min for new clients)- Click here :


  • Board Handle - Only if you have one sp411 or Terb

  • Presentation of yourself - A bit about you! Tell me what you are looking for or what you are passionate about ect. If you are booking a multihour, you can tell me your beverage and outfit of choice. Please mention any food allergies! Your first impression is important to me.

  • A 100$ DEPOSIT per hour booked (non negotiable, you have no appointment until I receive the deposit.

Booking - Existing Clients

Email : or text directly 647 469 9512.

Please copy/paste the following list and complete the informations:

  • Name

  • Phone number  - Phone you used for our previous exchanged

  • Date/time of the appointment - At least 2 choices  CLICK HERE schedule 

  • I am reserving the right to ask for a deposit at anytme. See above for the choice and details,

**If you saw me many years ago once or twice expect to pay a deposit unless you were a regular. Please give me informations when you present yourself (ex phone number - email you used back then, board handle, ect.) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Booking Priority


1. Regular clients

2. New clients with complete inquiries including their deposit

3. Clients with incomplete inquiries (missing elements)




A shower upon arrival and using the mouthwash provided to you is mandatory.

I do not provide unscented or hypoallergenic soap and deodordant. Please bring your own products if needed.

I reserve the right to refuse service if your hygiene is not up to standard and no refund will be offered.


Cancellation Policy


A cancellation fee (additional to the deposit) of $100 per hour booked will be required if you cancel less than 72hrs prior to your date.


- The fee must be paid upon cancellation.

- You will be required to pay a deposit of 50% for your next booking after prior cancellation.

- The cancellation fee must be paid via EMT to (password answer: therapy)

- If you do not pay the cancellation fee, you will be blacklisted.

*Regulars are exempt from cancellation fees.


Deposit Policy


A 100$ DEPOSIT per hour booked (not negotiable, appointment is only valid once deposit is received)

The deposit is included in the donation and is not an extra. Deposits are refundable if I have to cancel for any personal reason.


I sent a request and received no answer?


If you did not receive an answer within 12hrs of sending your inquiry it was either incomplete (information or deposit missing) OR I have decided we would not be a

good fit. 

I am very careful in choosing my clientele and I will not see you if I do not feel comfortable.


I saw you on Onlyfans, can I request a similar session?


If we are acquainted and I feel comfortable with you it might be possible although I do not offer oral (on you) only anymore for new clients. I require mutual participation. Please respect my boundaries or you will be asked to leave.


Payment Methods


I accept cash ONLY as a payment and it must be done upon meeting, before we proceed, for new clients. Please do not make me ask for it.

I sometimes also accept cryptocurrencies, but the payment must be done prior to the beginning of our session. 

There are a TD, CIBC, BMO and Royal Bank a 5 minute

walk from my incall.

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