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About me...

I am Josephine Grey, your 30 year old passionate and devoted French Canadian companion. 


My bubbly personality and deep green eyes may seduce you, but it is my sensual and adventurous demeanor that will most definitely make you come back for more! Behind my lucious lips, my long silky black hair and my rollercoaster-ish curves, is hidden a lover of food, sports, nature and of course, carnal pleasures! Do not be fooled by my high heels and BCBG look, I WILL go down and dirty with you.

My ultimate goal when we meet is to leave you smiling and my ultimate reward after we meet is to see you again and again!

So if you are looking for that ''best friend turning into really hot sex type'' of vibe, look no further!

IMG_20240101_002455_272 (1)_edited.jpg

Personal Statistics

Hair: Black Back Length

Eye Color: Green

Height: 5"8

Weight: 160lbs

 Body Type: Curvy/Athletic

Mensuration: 38C-28-42

Tattoos: 3 (one is currently being removed - chest)

Piercings: None

Enhancements: None

Shoe Size: 8

Favorite Cuisine: Peruvian & French

Favorite Beverages: Zevia, Bubbly, water, coconut water (bio)

Alcoholic Beverages: Red Wine, Champagne, Tequila

Restaurants I Want to Try: Sotto Sotto - Cafe Boulud - Don Alfonso - Laissez Faire - Terroni - Le Petit Chef - Prima - Myth - Les Swan - Casa Madera - Piano Piano

 Restaurants I Like: Lapinou - Bar Chica - Rein - El Inka - Chotto Matte 

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